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2017: The year that was

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For me, 2017 will always be memorable. Not only was it good, it was also expensive.

In May, I had to replace my old CPU. It lasted around 5 years, which is a good run. My work is online and I use it every day, so a good computer is definitely my bread and butter.

In June, I finally had my molar extracted after three years of pain and inconvenience. I still have another due for extraction or root canal, but I will take care of it soon.

In August, I was introduced to USI-Tech, which is a company that deals with bitcoin trading.

Last November, I went with my friends to Batanes. I have no regrets on this trip even though it was expensive. Every centavo spent was worth it, and I’m grateful that I did.

I abused online ordering, so throughout the year my food were mostly delivered from fast food chains. It’s expensive plus it’s too unhealthy.

I’ve also registered domains which I don’t regularly update.

I’ve bought items that are useful but I barely use. These things have to change.

New Year 2018

I feel like 2018 will be a continuation of 2017, but with more prudence. There were a lot of things that I learned last year. Insightful things. Things that made me examine my future and where I am headed. All I can say is that the future is bright.

I plan on moving to a new place. With someone or by myself, I haven’t decided just yet.

A local trip is also in the pipeline.

Mostly, 2018 Is the year to save up for 2019. It’s the year to research the actions I need for my planned stationery shop.

Lots of great possibilities and positivity to look forward to in 2018.

Fun facts about 2018:

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