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Solitude Makes You a Healthier Human Being

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We may think that solitude or being alone has something to do with personality. For extroverts, being around people round the clock makes them happy and comfortable. For introverts, being in a room of 5 to 10 people could be overwhelming or stressful. Spending alone time is a subjective approach for many people, especially in light of today’s pandemic. If you’ve lived an overfilled schedule, it’s likely that taking a short time to do this will be all the break you need from hustle and bustle of life.

Still not convinced? Here are science-backed reasons why your mental health can benefit from a little piece of solitude.

You know yourself better

When you’re spending time alone, you’ll be more comfortable on your own skin. Compared when you’re constantly engaged in conversations such as in the workplace, home, or even community projects and gatherings, alone time gives you a ‘safe space’ to be yourself.

It’s a good time to reflect on your thoughts. Are you thinking good thoughts? What are the things bothering you? You can choose to engage with self-talk and think about what you want to think about. The privacy and comforts of your room allow you to think more clearly without the influence of any outside voice.

If you actively participate in alone time, your mind is more relaxed and stress-free.

Solitude makes you more empathic

It can get noisy when you’re exposed to too much time in daily interactions (not to mention social media!). But here’s the ironic thing: the longer you’re exposed to these noises, the lonelier it gets along the way.

Inserting a ’30 minute social media fast’ could have a significant effect on your mental health. Therefore, solitude clears the noise and allows your mind to ‘detoxify’.

When you’re in a group, there’s usually a ‘herd mentality’ that happens. Allocating some time to yourself could often open your mind to see people differently. There could also be a chance to get to know them better and understand their personality and thoughts.

Solitude makes you joyful

Actively participating in alone time brings calmness. A study showed that solitude provides equilibrium when we experience our highs and lows. When you experience these swings in emotions, quiet time will help you calibrate whether what you are feeling right now is appropriate.

People who spend alone time away from the crowd will live happier and better lives. It would also be easier to battle struggles and difficulties that you encounter when you have a clear head.

When you start enjoying your own company, it will be easier to spread that joy to others. After all, we are all built for relationships. You may even develop deeper relationships because you begin to appreciate them more.

Alone Time improves your productivity

There’s a study showing open office layouts are more disruptive than productive because of the office noise and lack of privacy.

Similar to doing social media fast, this is one of the best results for anyone undergoing some ‘privacy’.

If there’s some project you’ve been meaning to finish, spending some time alone will help you develop focus. Compared with spending time in a group, quality time alone will get rid of any distractions and noises. You are your most productive when you streamline your passion and energy into one goal. It would be easier to organize your thoughts and plan accordingly when you have some privacy and don’t get influenced by external noises.

You become a better friend

There’s no such thing as being emotionally available 24/7. Being always available for everyone will eventually lead to some sort of burnout.

Consider alone time to recharge your emotional batteries. Similar to going out there interacting with the people around you, spending time on your own will let you assess your emotions as well. It could be a time where you’re going through rough times and having a little privacy is all you need to stabilize.

Don’t feel bad when you do this. Make yourself a priority without having to worry about others every once in a while.

Solitude brings out the creativity

This is particularly true for anyone who is an artist needing some inspiration. If you notice, the best place to draw these inspirations is when you’re out in the woods taking a long walk. Or it could be a solo trip for the weekend out in the cabins.

While you may not be an artist, going solo for a while will help you find inspiration everywhere. Letting your mind wander could lead to a new direction in life, a life plan you’ve been meaning to fulfill, or learn gratitude.

Time Alone could help you sleep better

A study showed that couples (on average) suffer from lack of sleep 50 percent of the time just because they share a bed. It’s not just limited to spouses, it could also mean sleeping in the same room with your roommates.

While some are not privileged to get an entire room to themselves, spending time to be alone could mean taking short breaks. You could take a walk in the park or stroll along the beach just to get some ‘breather’ for your mental health.

Final Words

Getting some time alone may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There’s always a strong pull to keep busy through work or browsing our electronics. Cultivate a healthy mind by taking one step at a time. You can start by tuning out of social media for 10 minutes every day and go read a book or do some gardening. Eventually, things will get easier and you will find yourself living a happier and more fulfilling life!

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