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Karate Kid and the Social Problem of Bullying

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I watched “Karate Kid” last night at Trinoma with two friends. The movie was enjoyable, despite the trailer. I, however, still think that the title should be “Kung Fu Kid”. Oh, well, so much for commercialism.

Anyway, my friend and I were kind of affected with the conflict of the film. In the story, Xiao (Small) Dre bullied by Chinese boys because he was different and chose to fight back.

Bullying in school

Back in high school it was much like that, minus the physical aspect though. Yes, we were surrounded by pure and half-breed Chinese boys who hated and bully us because we were different. Those boys were shouting at us and calling us names. I also remember a friend of mine who was dragged by some of my classmates (MY OWN CLASSMATES!) across the football field. They carried him like a pig to the butcher. I hated them since then.

Xavier School, San Juan City football field. Image from FourSquare.

These are the things of my life that I wish to forget. Unfortunately, the memory is so vivid that I could tell this tale asleep. The bullying against me stopped late in my sophomore year.

All we ever wanted was to belong

I never thought that a predictable movie like Karate Kid would bring out the memories that haunt me. But I am glad it did, because I also remember some non-violent methods we did to fight them: receiving academic honors, winning school contests, and beautifying the classroom (and then winning the design contests again).

One of these days, I know that I have to let go of these thoughts, until then my heart goes out to those kids, straight or LGBT alike, who had to endure bullying in school. It is my wish, however remote, that this would be addressed by school administrators to lessen young lives affected by this social problem.

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