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The Latest Real Estate Trends Ad Processes (2015 updates)

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Article first appeared on REO Blitz

The advent of the Internet and its various updates thereafter has given real estate agents one of the best avenues to market their listings. Whereas traditional marketing methods like newspaper ads, open houses, and yard signs are still an essential and also the preferred method for advertising properties for sale, there have been some latest real estate trends in ad process for 2015, listed below.

Agent Websites

Some OMSs offer their agents website creations where properties listed can be shown and marketed through various mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It is a convenient way of promoting a property without the hassle of bulky paperwork and printed ads, and also for lead generation. Also, some CMSs (content management systems) like WordPress have real estate themes that can also help the listing agent with selling their properties online.

There are also syndication or feeds that is used by the client. Properties from online listing websites such as Zillow or Trulia are ‘fed’ to an agent’s website usually though a third-party software or program (now referred to as a widget), and from the agent’s website the buyers can choose their dream home.


Listing a property via Craigslist has been a continuing trend. Craigslist is a site for personal ads that has a simple and to the point interface. Agents can easily describe the properties and add images also, which can then be searched for by the prospective buyer.

Sample Craigslist property listing

Properties can be search using square footage, price range, or the number of beds and bathroom available. The good thing about Craigslist postings is that it is targeted from the start, that is, once you visit, it will ask you for your location, and from there, searches will produce results that are localized.

Email Marketing

Another trend is email marketing, where notices of the latest property offerings are sent via email. This type of marketing is not that popular because of spam content, and sometimes the content is not targeted to the specific audience. Email blasts or broadcasts is usually sent via regular interval.

Social Media Marketing

The ubiquitous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can also greatly help in property ad listings. Facebook in particular has an online ad system that is highly targeted to the specific need of the client. Twitter posts maybe limited to 280 characters, but it doesn’t stop it from being a powerful tool to market the latest properties in an area. Pinterest is also used as it uses photos with some description to market properties.

Virtual Tours

One of the latest real estate marketing ad processes for 2015 are virtual tours. Virtual tours are essentially videos that are created manually or automated, and it showcases the images of the property. We have to admit that some prefer to watch short clips of properties rather than read about them, because videos can instantly show what a property can offer.

These are just some of the latest real estate trends in ads processing for 2015 that can be assumed will continue in the years to come.

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