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Mangan Tayon: A Baguio Getaway (Part 2)

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Food is life, and I agree. This blog shows some of the gastronomic delights that Baguio has to offer.

I woke up at around 4PM. Toto and I agreed to visit the food place that the hotel staff recommended because we were all ready hungry. I took a shower first and then we went on our way.

Balajadia Kitchenette

How to get there: The best way would probably be to use Waze. You could also ask the taxi driver to bring you to Slaughter House Compound, Barangay Sto. Niño, Baguio City. It’s along the the way of the public market.

Balajadia Kitchenette was a delightful surprise. It serves familiar appetizing Filipino food that’s so worth your money and time, carinderia style. I’ll be honest and will say that I was expecting something like a modern restaurant, but the place was just to my liking.

Slaughter House Compound, as the name sugges, literally used to be where meat were slaughtered. Several warehouse-like buildings stood at the compound. Some structures have now become terminals for buses and PUVs heading further north, like to Sagada.

Balajadia Kitchenette, Slaughter House Compound, Sto. Nino, Baguio City
Balajadia Kitchenette, Slaughter House Compound, Sto. Nino, Baguio City. (Image credit: Toto Carandang)

We were the only customers when we stepped inside. A wall divided the kitchenette into two sides. The place had a low ceiling and had several wall fans. They also had several long tables. What amused me greatly was the hundreds of photos of their previous customers that dotted the wall opposite our table. If that wasn’t a great testimonial, then I don’t know what is.

A jolly girl served us, and I guess she was a relative of the owners. (A daughter perhaps?) But we were happy because she indulged our questions about the place. I did inquire if they had served some celebrities, and she said yes.

In our hunger, Toto and I ordered several from the menu. The hotel staff piqued our curiosity with her suggestion of the pork inihaw that you dip in pig’s blood, so that was the first thing we ordered. The food turned out to be deconstructed dinuguan. It was fun eating it in a new way.

food deconstructed dinuguan Balajadia Kitchenette Slaughter House Compound Sto Nino Baguio City
Yummy! (Image credit: Toto Carandang)

We also ordered bulalo and pinakbet (you know, for a balanced diet? 😝). The pinakbet was so sarap while the bulalo was perfect for the cold weather. I also ordered garlic rice for myself, and Mountain Dew to down all of them.

food bulalo broth
Bone marrow in bulalo. (Image credit: Toto Carandang)

After paying for the food, we left Balajadia Kitchenette with a full heart and a fuller stomach. ❤️ Since Toto had to buy some skin care product, we decided to go to SM Baguio and rode the e-jeepney to get there.

SM Baguio

How to get there: Everyone knows where it is. Just take a taxi or walk.

There are only two things that I like about SM Baguio: the sunset viewing decks, and the fact that the mall does not need air-conditioning.

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Philippine News Agency

We took to the viewing decks that overlooked parts of Burnham Park and also Harrison Road after walking around the mall. The sunset was lovely as seen in the photos below.

Excuse me for my chakaness. LOL
Toto smizing.
That awesome sunset view from SM City Baguio.

After our mini photo shoot, we walked over to Vizco’s at Session Road for our dessert.

Vizco’s Baguio City

How to get there: Vizco’s is located at Session Road, going downhill. You won’t miss it.

Vizco's restaurant and cake shop Baguio City
Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop, Session Road, Baguio City (Screengrab from Google Maps)

The last time I was here was in August 2019, after a break-up (LOL). Anyway, Vizco’s is famous for their strawberry shortcake which I like very much. They also have other cakes and pastries to indulge your sweet tooth, which I did.

vizco's baguio city cake and pastry and food
Clockwise from top right: strawberry custard cake, strawberry shortcake, ube cake, blueberry cheesecake.

Baguio City Night Market

Baguio City’s night market opens at 9PM, contrary to what we’ve been told numerous times (7PM). I don’t think there’s much to be said about the occasion, except that it’s more organized and the products have improved. I saw lots of hoodies and over-sized shirts, but I was too lazy too look around.

We did, however, pass by Melvin Jones Grandstand where there was luckily a comfort room. There were kids voguing on the stage and if I remember correctly, there was a band practice, too. Toto and I watched a bit before continuing our night market viewing. Ah, to be young again!

Tired but happy

Being the titos that we are, me and Toto were all ready tired from all the walking. We called it a day and headed back to the hotel. We thought of hailing a taxi but ended up walking instead, which was a mistake. Citylight Hotel was uphill, so we walked uphill along Session Road. We stopped by 7-11 first where I bought some chips. My legs were cramping by the time we got to the top near Baguio Cathedral, and it was so cold.

It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep after taking a warm shower. I woke up at around 5:30 AM the next day.

Parating na tayo sa exciting part.

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