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2006 January 16

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I know I wrote that the year 2006 would be something great, that things would be happening to me.

So why do I feel unsecured now?

I took a cab this morning, as I usually do everyday, to avoid the sweating and the mixed smell of smoke and pollution on my clothes. I stared outside the window of the cab, my mind wandering and giving automatic directions to the driver.

Anong petsa ba ngayon?” the driver asked, taking me out of my stupor. My mind counted the days, and I replied, “January 16 ho.” Sixteen says into 2006 and counting.

Last Saturday, my sister asked our nephew to leave the house, never to return. It turns out that his flirtation with the house help had gone overboard to the point of sexual harassment. What’s more is that he’s been pestering me about my sister’s house help, who admittedly was pretty. Siguro dala na rin ng libog. He’s had a lot of visitations which I’m not in the exact position to enumerate. Anyway, good riddance to him.


Which brings me to think about my current position in my sister’s house. Am I the one to go next? Honestly I like staying at her house because 1) it’s quiet at night, 2) I don’t feel claustrophobic, 3) it’s near my current job, and 4) it’s cool the whole year because of the aircon. This has happened before. Back in college I was still staying with her also.

Anyway, I learned that my ate’s quite disappointed with me because, according to my other sister, I didn’t tell her what our nephew’s been doing. Ang sa akin naman, what’s there to tell? I don’t want to tell about things I wasn’t sure of, masabihan pa akong malisyoso.

In all honesty, it’s okay if I leave my sister’s house. I’ve been meaning to do that a long time ago. But I don’t want to go back to our house in San Juan because whenever I’m there, my system goes haywire and I panic.

dasmariñas village lumbang gate
Lumbang Gate, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City where I usually exit heading to work every morning.


My sister’s house was in Kalamansi Street in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City. I was already working for Booksale back in 2006. Our nephew is the youngest son of our second eldest sister (my half-sibling).

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