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Rebranding My Podcast

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Transcript of the May 30, 2020 podcast episode S02E03 ‘Rebranding My Podcast


Hi, good evening, this is Gabe. So, I recently rebranded my podcast to 99 Yellow Cars. Uh, and ah, I think I have to explain the reason why.

So, uhm, I was previously known as, or the podcast was recently known as “The House of B.” Uhm, it’s actually, uhm, an hommage, or a homage to the ball culture back in the 80s and the 90s in New York and also, I think I explained earlier what the ‘B’ meant. It was the initial of my pet name at home.

The reason why I recently rebranded is because, uhm, I can’t relate to the title of the podcast. Although I have to admit that it was fun but it didn’t resonate with me. I’m not discarding the fact that the ball culture in the US influenced the podcast and also it’s a salute to everyone, to the LGBT+ of the past. But it’s just isn’t me. Parang naisip ko lang na hindi ako ‘yon. Hindi ako maka-relate, hindi ko ma-explain kung bakit. Wala siyang impact and napaisip lang ako, bakit hindi ko na lang siya i-rebrand sa 99 Yellow Cars.

99 Yellow Cars is actually the name of my blog. And I’ve been actually using the 99 Yellow Cars before pa, before when I used to blog sa (free) WordPress. I do still have the blog but it’s more organized right now.

So, bakit 99 Yellow Cars? I’ve actually posted a blog entry about it. And to introduce – nakuha ko yung title a few years ago, years ago nung I was back in college, I think it was second year, third year. I was riding the bus going to school sa UP Manila. And then, there was this DJ, female DJ sa radio. i think it was on RX 93.1 or 89.9 Magic, or Magic 89.9, na ine-explain niya about yung 99 yellow cars. Ang background nun is that , you have to look for 99 yellow cars and after that pwede ka mag-wish in the end. The catch is, hindi mo pwedeng isali ang mga public utility vehicles like jeepneys, taxis, and mga trykes. Dapat legit na yellow car. Hindi rin trucks pala, bawal.

So I think it took me almost a year, over a year, para ma-complete siya, and nag-wish naman ako. Unfortunately, hindi naman siya natupad. And like any other young adult before, siyempre ang winish ko is to have a partner. Na hanggang ngayon wala pa rin. (chuckles)

So, yun lang.

And then it got, nag-ano siya, nag-stick siya sa akin. Ano bang significance ng yellow cars or 99 yellow cars? I actually read an article before, it’s been a long time. But recently I came across another article to explain the Yellow Car Phenomenon.

So parang, when you say the Yellow Car Phenomenon, according to the article of Lee Colan, entitled ‘How to Use the Yellow Car Phenomenon,’ it changes the way you look at things and things change the way they look.’ So parang ang concept behind it is that, ‘pag gusto mo makakita ng yellow car, yung focus mo or yung attention mo is nandun sa paghahanap na yun at mapapansin at mapapansin mo siya. And he also added na yun nga, when people become aware of something like a problem, a trend or an opportunity where you could excel, you know, they see more of the same thing. And he called the Yellow Car Phenomenon.

So parang, nung nabasa ko yung article, oo nga, may sense siya. Naisip ko lang na, yung Yellow Car Phenomenon is more than just a wish, it actually teaches us to be more aware about great experiences that make life more meaningful. So parang, it’s kinda pursuit for excellence, of excellence, na ‘pag nagkaroon ka ng goal, and you focus on it and you try to, basta, you put all your attention and effort to it, mapapansin at mapapansin mo siya and eventually, mare-reach mo yung goal mo. Parang, it’s like opening your eyes to excellence, sabi nga ni Colan.

Pag in-apply mo siya sa life, di ba parang if you see the silver lining or the opportunities in life, parang, nakaka-inspire siya and you get more motivated para, to excel, to put yourself more into it. I think it’s more, interesting? Na if I talk about it, the excellence, yung parang galing, yung galing mo pag binuhos mo dun sa isang bagay, I think it’s more fun to talk about it. Lalo na if yung nakuha mo yung goal.

So yun yung reason why mas feeling ko mas makaka-relate ako sa blog title na 99 Yellow Cars. So I guess that’s it. From now on, it’s 99 Yellow Cars and you must admit it’s, mas catchy siya, so I don’t have to explain or, you know, people will be interested, “O, bakit 99 Yellow Cars?”

And that is the exact explanation. Ayun, so I hope things, I hope what I said clarified things, and nakakatuwa naman na may nakikinig pa rin even if may kaunting hiatus. Ang hirap kasi mag-podcast lalo na kapag ngayong ECQ, or MECQ, or whatever ECQ there is out there.

I guess that would be all for now, this is just short. I hope everyone is safe, I hope everyone is mindful of their health in the coming weeks because magkakaroon, or Metro Manila will be under MECQ or MCQ whatever.

Well, that’s it. Follow me on Twitter, on Instagram, also my blog. Lahat yun ay, or 99yellowcars. That’s it, just search for it.

And also if you have questions, suggestions, or if you want to talk to me about anything. Kung gusto niyo mag-guest or gusto nyo magpa-interview, just drop me a message. I’m also looking for someone to interview regarding their experience during the quarantine and how it has affected them. And, ayun lang.

Enjoy the ride guys! Talk to you soon.


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